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The Society of Financial Service Professionals (FSP) is a national professional association with one goal in mind: helping our members excel in the world of financial services. Our commitment is reflected in the extensive products and services we offer in addition to offerings the local chapters provide, including networking tools and events, a wide range of CE programs, ethical guidance and a resource-rich Web site. 

For more than 80 years, members of the Society of FSP have been helping individuals, families, and businesses achieve financial security with their strong commitment to delivering only those financial products and planning services that are in their clients' best interests.

In addition to a geographical presence nation-wide with over 100 local chapters across the country and Puerto Rico, we also pride ourselves on being a diverse community of credentialed financial professionals. Our members include estate planning attorneys, insurance agents, financial planners, accountants, asset managers, employee benefits specialists and investment brokers, and others, all of whom hold one or more of the numerous highly respected financial credentials that define eligibility in the Society.  View a list of credentials accepted for FSP membership, or click here for more information about the Society.

For Consumers: Financial Professional Referral Service

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When looking for a financial professional, the first step is to define your own needs clearly so you can find an adviser who can handle your specific requirements. The FSP consumer referral service provides names and contact information of credentialed advisers by ZIP code whose practices include the specialties pertinent to your needs.

You can be assured that this referral service will provide you with names of financial professionals who have earned respected credentials in the financial services industry. Membership in FSP signifies a strong commitment to continuing education and ethics. Every Society member pledges to abide by the Society's Code of Professional Responsibility and has earned one or more professional credentials.

NOTE: Not all our members have elected to participate in our online referral service. If you cannot find the adviser you are looking for using our online search, contact national FSP by telephone (800) 392-6900 or email national FSP with your request.

Note to FSP Members: In order for your name to be available in this site, you must be a current regular FSP member AND opt into the consumer referral service.  Click here to opt in.

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